How Can Custom Magento Development Help E-Commerce Stores Fare Better

Few would disagree that the burgeoning trend in E-Commerce makes it one of the most ruling industries in the present times. Its supremacy speaks over its incredible range of products that it can sell online, be it for huge Electronics and gadgets to perishable items like groceries and readymade foods. E-Commerce has surpassed the traditional business standards with solutions that complement affordability for both entrepreneurs and consumers.

Taking into consideration, the brilliant future, that E-Commerce industry promises us, it is quite imperative to use a platform that leverage the experience in E-Commerce dealings. Magento is irrefutably one such platform that can render the best solutions to different E-commerce aspects. It is written in PHP, and integrated with Zend Framework elements with My SQL relational DBMS and implements the custom Object oriented technology and MVC architecture. To simplify the intricate E-commerce related operations, Magento developers nyc examine the functioning of enterprises accommodated with third party solutions.

Understanding that an unparalleled E-Commerce Environment can make customers feel impeccably satisfied with its shopping session, Magento experts offer great features that can guarantee an unprecedented customer satisfaction.

Few of the features are as follows:

  • Content Management System: Magento website development instills you the power to create your own attractive contents for your E-Commerce website. Using it, you can change the contents of your product images, descriptions or other contents. The easy adding, deleting, and updating options make your experience with Magento exceptional even without any prior knowledge on Coding or other relevant technologies.
  • Responsive Website Designing: With the upsurge in the number of mobile users, Responsive website design promises your business to reach across a plethora of mobile users. Responsive styles ensure your website to have flexible layouts for any size of digital devices. Be it a mobile or a tablet, you can use your website conveniently without re-sizing the font sizes or even un-necessary scrolling that was once evident in the traditional websites.
  • Streamlined Checkout: Magento helps you with an easy checkout process, unlike other E-commerce platforms which often takes a painful amount of time to invest. It reduces abandoning of the cart with its 2 phase check out process.
  • Enhanced Merchandising Experience: You merchandising should exhibit an exemplary standard of customer engagement. Magento does that easily with options like product reviews, recommendation and ratings and a number of rich product images.
  • Easy product search: For customers looking for a specific product, following the layers of options to find it often becomes difficult. Seemingly, Magento offers an easy way to relevantly search the products from a crowd of other products.
  • Satisfied Transaction Experience: The PCI transaction allows all kinds of payment methods including prints or email receipts. This makes customer give a satisfied transaction experience.
  • Omni Channel Accomplishment: Magento provides Omni channel accomplishment for its Merchandisers and traders with a cloud based technology. For people who don’t know what is it. Omni channel refers to the multiple channels a Merchandiser utilizes to upsurge sales either through online, telephone, smart phones or even through traditional retail stores. Thus, you can ship-to store, ship-from the store, and facilitate customers to buy online.

In addition to scores of other features, Magento represents the quintessential platform to cater all the needs of your E-Commerce concern. Hope this write-up gave you clear reasons to hire a Magento development company that can sustain and achieve your future E-commerce goals in the most ideal way. Good Luck!

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Must have Features for an eCommerce Website

Just having a beautifully designed eCommerce website is not enough in this era. People and Search engine expects lot more from your site.

Check out some of our essential tips that how to test your eCommerce website

1. Simple to Understand — Website should be simple to understand by Google and users. Use optimized images, JQuery, AJAX and JS as possible. It is helpful in website crawling and website loading speed.

2. Mobile Friendly — Having a mobile friendly or responsive website designis very important because majority of population has adapted Smartphone or going to in near future, and Google also gives more priority to mobile friendly sites.

3. Secure Payment Process — It’s really important that your site should have SSL installed and all transactions are going through encryption to process the transaction securely. SSL help building user and Google trust.

4. Simple Checkout Option — If website’s checkout option is not user friendly and user is not able to get clear idea about next steps to checkout then you are missing hundreds of potential orders and long term clients. Nobody wants to come back to a site which has complex or tedious checkout process. Make it clear and highly user friendly. You can optimize the abandon cart, please check this blog post about how to optimize abandon cart

5. URL Navigation — Your ecommerce website navigation should be easy to understand and in static format. Google love static url.

6. Unique Design — Website design always plays essential role in attracting customers so be unique and leave long lasting impression on them. Unique and beautiful design distinguishes you from your competition.

7. Feedback Page — Feedback page is very important for ecommerce website as people love talking about products, your services if they really like it. Almost everybody first to do the research anything online and customer feedbacks play an essential role in decision making.

8. Call to Action — Your website should have call to action buttons and strategically placed on site based on your user experience. You can use A/B testing to see what are the best places to place call to action buttons.

9. Social Media Integration — You can say this is the era of Social Media and if your store doesn’t have social presence then you might be loosing potential business these days, especially if your product is direct customer oriented. Integrate the popular social media to your site such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr etc.

10. Caution — Don’t overuse it. Go with two three social media platforms and make most out of them. Every social medium doesn’t work for everyone.

11. SEO Friendly — You can hire a SEO agency to optimize your site if you have decent monthly budget but if you are not planning to invest a lot then you can use SEO plugins and ask your designer to integrate into your site. YOAST, ALLSEO are some good SEO plugins. These plugin will at least help you in on-page optimization.

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How to boost your magento-based E-commerce store’s speed

To lower the bounce rate and optimize the ranking of an E-commerce website, a website’s high speed is an exigent criterion. Your dynamic Magento based E-commerce platform can suffer a slow loading time due to several factors like no full page cache, low memory limits, outdated indexes, bad hosting and many more. So if your E-commerce business uses a Magento store development platform, then this write-up can guide you to boost the speed of your store with a guaranteed and an unprecedented store performance.

To begin with:

Upgrade it to the latest version: Upgrading to the next generation Magento 2.0 can promise great affordability along with quick resulting marketing techniques. Amalgamated with Varnish Cache, Magento 2.0 minimizes the server loading time. In contrast to the 6-step check out in Magento’s previous version, Magento 2.0 simplifies the process with just 2 steps. It also gives an intuitive back-end and an unparallel real shopping experience by sharing product videos. As magento 2.0 has many major changes, you may need a help from Magento expert or magento e-commerce store development company.

Activate Flat Catalog module: In the Magento admin you can activate the module for products and categories to improve the performance of the platform.

Minimize third party extensions: A surplus of extensions for thrird party and community involves additional processes and more database queries which further detoriates the speed of the E-commerce site.

Compress the sizes of your image files: A large file size of an image can increase the loading time. Thus with countless large image file sizes in your E-commerce website, it can deliberately make the website slow. A photo editor can be used t reduce the image file sizes

Minify CSS/JS: Like a Minify Java script/CSS, you can install a JS/CSS compressor from third party extensions or even from an authenticated Magento extensions provider. It will unify, cache and will make the CSS and java script files compact by removing the white characters and the extra comments. It also adds forever expiry tags that can de-accelerate the loading time.

Checkout Here – Best Magento Themes and Extensions

Use a LiteSpeed Enterprise instead of an Apache web server: The Litespeed webs server enhances the performance of the E-commerce platform with a better traffic handling against Apache web server that can also meet server crash. The E-commerce platform’s speed increases almost six fold using the web server of Lite speed enterprise.

Compile your Magento files: By connecting all the PHP files and arranging them in a specific place will help you leverage the performance of your E-Commerce platform due to an increased effectiveness of auto loader. After compilation, the auto loader will cater the includes file, consequently with a reduced time, the Magento platform will respond with a high speed.

Use GZip compression tool: Available as a built in or as a downloadable extension, the GZip replaces the file’s htaccess with its codng. Thereby, increasing the speed of the platform by easily enabling it.

Make use of the content delivery network: With an investment of just $2/month, CDN  gives a faster solution with javascript files, images and other static contents in your website.

Clear the database of your Magento platform: You can shorten the database table of your Magento platform by clearing it. The files that can be truncated include log_url, log_url_info, log_visitor, log_visitor_info etc.

Choose a good hosting solution: For a great performance of your E-commerce platform it must be optimized with the right hosting solution. You can choose from companies like Magemojo, Nexcess and Siteground that can help you to implement the needed features in your E-commerce platform.

Despite implementing the above changes, if your slow speed urges you to hire magento experts new york, then simply reach us today. As an experienced Magento store development company from New York, CG Colors can re-instate your online store’s performance like never before.

How to Optimize your E-commerce Store’s Checkout Process

Recently, Our project involved working on an eCommerce website where the brief stated just this — “Redesign the website with an objective to improve conversions”.

A rather broad brief for most eCommerce websites, I would say. However, it took me only a few minutes of recap and browsing to understanding where the problem existed.

The checkout page of this website was ‘a train wreck’.

It had little clarity, no use of images, and no element that made it look anything even close to attractive. The checkout page of the store was simply some random text put together in a way that would actually discourage a buyer to go through the purchase.

So…here it was: The challenge — to make it look like a real cart and checkout space.

Considering that there was a world of work to cover, it easy to get overwhelmed about starting this project. However, it was my end goal to make sure that this page would help significantly improve user experience and simultaneously influence conversion rates.

While assessing the elements that could help achieve this goal, here is what I did–

  • Added product images into the cart
  • Added an inline validation in the fields of the form
  • Added a bar that gives the user a progress update on their purchasing process
  • Replaced the dropdown list with a bullet list
  • Incorporated logos of credit card companies and PayPal
  • Add a link that allows users to continue shopping
  • Make alterations to the shape, color and placement of the buttons
  • Add reassuring content that helps users understand that no additional costs will be charged.
  • Increase the cache time of products added to the cart to 24 hours
  • Worked on output decent errors.

Considering some of the top eCommerce websites and product comparison websites such as, Kipling, Reebok make their users take these features for granted, I soon found that a large number of middle and low tier eCommerce websites weren’t even close.

In a competitive internet environment, providing a superior user experience becomes key to purchase decisions. It thus became important for us to keep in mind customer standards while redesigning the store’s checkout page.

While I began work on this project, my survey of some of the top eCommerce websites in the United States of America gave me the following insights.

  • Find a better logo of the company and find ways to empathize it more.
  • Change form fields from two columns to single columns.
  • Re-order the credit card inputs to name number expiry CVC
  • Even if credit card expiry dates in the past are valid, it should show an error
  • Incorporating an image that elaborates how the user can locate the CVC number on the credit card
  • Provision for a default country dropdown by leveraging GEO-IP.
  • Placing a post code before the suburb. Providing a feature that auto-completes suburb or state based on post code input.
  • Left aligning the Complete Payment Button so that it is right next to the “I Agree” checkbox.
  • Increasing the size of the “Complete Payment” tab.

By simply making these basic changes on the checkout page for my client, we were able to witness a 30% rise in conversion rates within the first 3 months.

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Having a blog is a lot more rewarding when you are aware that men and women are reading, sharing, and enjoying your content. Should you be managing your site like a business, you will probably want to make sure that you are maximizing it’s potential. Which means that you should maximize it’s exposure and increase the level of daily traffic. On this page, we shall be going over some of the finest tips you should utilize so that you can improve your web site design blog.



Strategies For Boosting Your Website Design Blog:

 1. Minimize Your Bounce Rate.
 One of the primary stuff that you are going to wish to accomplish when you find yourself creating a blog is minimize your bounce rate. As soon as your blog is to establish and generating traffic, you wish to attempt to discover how to minimize the volume of individuals who bounce away from your website/blog. The simplest way to achieve this would be to track your websites stats to see what individuals are looking at last before they leave your web site. For several blogs around, it is a straightforward matter of cleaning up navigation. The navigation of your blog is going to play a crucial role in determining the success or failure from it. Ensure that you are concentrating on simplifying the navigation on the blog.

2. Appear To Hook Emails.

 Yet another thing that you might take advantage of is applying a appear to catch emails. If you are seeking to increase the volume of people that come back to your blog site, this is probably the best ways to achieve this. Exactly why it can be so effective is really because you might have the capacity to really determine who seems to be coming aimed at your website, have their contact info so you can consistently market directly to them, and it will be easy to really enjoy the repeat traffic that the strategy will create.

3. Optimize Your Loading Time.

 Another thing that you are going to wish to accomplish is optimize the time that it takes for your website to load. The truth is, individuals are more impatient than ever before. They want what they desire as fast as they may get it. This means that when your website is experiencing poor loading times, you will lose plenty of potential viewers. The reason being they can be simply likely to bounce off from your internet site onto someone else’s.

4. Offer Exclusive Content For The Subscribers.

 Yet another thing that you might want to do is make your subscribers have a reason to subscribe to begin with. To get someone to stop their e-mail address, you are likely to should give them ample amount of incentive to do so. The best way to do this is simply by offering exclusive/limited content which is only available to the people that sign up for your site content. What this means is that you are capable of continuously market to the people because you are likely to have their emails. This can undoubtedly improve your blog traffic because it is possible to send those to your blog post each time that you just create one.

As you can see, there may be plenty that can be done in order to really enhance your blog’s success. Be sure to follow each of the tips above to have the perfect success you could. Always attempt to boost your traffic with one of these ways to improve your web page design blog and you will definitely generate achievement for the blog.


Reckoning the puzzle: Why to Switch to WordPress over BlogSpot

Being a newbie blogger, it becomes really tough to decide which specific blogging platform to opt for, especially considering the varied platforms including WordPress, Tumblr, BlogSpot and many more. Now when we consider the task of developing a blog as per the professional front, WordPress happens to be a rock-solid choice. There is a variety of things, which can be executed with the help of a Self-hosted WordPress blog as compared to a BlogSpot blog.


Both, WordPress and BlogSpot offer a free blogging platform and it’s certainly a great way to kickstart your blogging career. In case, you have been already blogging in any of these free-blogging platforms, this post will help you to learn the limitations of using those over the self-hosted WordPress blog.

Integrated control over the blog

It is one of the major reasons for supporting a self-hosted blog. In case of BlogSpot, even if, you deploy the custom-domain feature, there is a huge risk that; the spammers might use the feature Flag as a spam, thereby reporting the blog as a spam. Resultantly, Google might remove the blog itself. But, this type of problems is not to be experienced by you while using WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization

Even if the blog is hosted, online traffic is the ultimate thing any blogger will consider. In simple words, Search engine optimization relates to optimizing the blog for search engines, thereby getting traffic from the search engine. While comparing BlogSpot and Tumblr, WordPress comes with greater options for optimizing the blog for search engines.

Plugins and support

WordPress hosts a number of plugins and a robust community for providing extended support. On BlogSpot, we need to spend longer hours for editing the themes to show linked posts, thereby adding such features. WordPress helps in making lives easy by using simple plugins to cater every single need of yours. By deploying these plugins, you will be able to achieve your goals and if still isn’t, you can opt for the WordPress support forum for getting custom codes, thereby extending capabilities of the blog.

Themes and templates

BlogSpot provides a number of templates. However, because of the commercial nature of WordPress development, you will be able to find unlimited premium and free WordPress themes. Furthermore, since you are being provided with FTP access, you will be able to modify the complete feel and look of the WordPress theme.
WordPress always keeps on upgrading and releasing newer versions that comes with enhanced features and functionality. However, BlogSpot comes with fewer number of updates over longer period of time. Thus, WordPress is considered to be a superior choice than BlogSpot, which aids in making every single penny of yours count.

Choosing A WordPress Developer For Your Web Portal

WordPress is the world’s most well-liked blogging platform, and it’s utilized by numerous individuals worldwide – a number of people use it to promote their product and services, whereas others use it simply to stay in-tuned with their favorite ones with simple & easy CMS platform called “Wordpress”. WordPress is straightforward to manage with lots of helpful plugins which will enhance the user expertise.

Professional WordPress developers, on the opposite hand, will build a progressive website which will increase each sale and therefore the visibility of your business. Here are a number of the foremost vital advantages of selecting a WordPress developer for your business for best performance.

There are so many programmers who promise to deliver work, but at the end of the day they will fail. WordPress in-depth information including active expertise is what helps them develop quality websites in a very timely manner. Besides, a skilled WordPress developer with several qualifications may give customized maintenance services within the end of the day – but, it’s suggested to specialize in WordPress developers who have a minimum of three to five years of expertise within WordPress the field.

If you wish an awesome WordPress web portal and you are doing not because you don’t have the time to create one yourself, then you must understand that developers sometimes wants flexible working hours and that they charge an hourly rate for his or her customization and development services. They handle programming moreover like outsourcing websites from different platforms to WordPress. Speaking of flexibility, either choose an hourly WordPress developer otherwise you can hire them part-time or regular, as per your out your client programming requirements or needs.

With WordPress development knowledge, all WordPress developers have basic knowledge of search engine optimization as well as knowledge simple SEO plug-ins of WordPress which help your business for SEO purpose. If you intend to use the WordPress website for business functions solely, then it’s extremely suggested to choose the SEO package additionally. All WordPress developers have some insight into this area.

When you are hiring an expert and skilled WordPress developer, please make sure that your money are not wasted on the wrong way and make sure to get high-quality services for WordPress developers. WordPress is as simple as anyone can learn from the internet and developed a simple website But developing extraordinary, the solid and secured website may be a difficult task, this is the point where you can judge WordPress web developer. A developer must have to provide websites that are simple to navigate, customized, original and coded by hand – this manner, the websites is going to be compatible with multiple browsers feature Articles, so guaranteeing most client satisfaction as well as make sure that WordPress developers provide client service like if any problem comes he or she will solve it quickly and effectively.